1/32 High Detail John Deere 9620RX by Wiking

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Caterpillar drives give John Deere 9620RX a new character.

The 15 litre, 6-cylinder engine provides 620 HP to the tractor, which has a gross weight of 24.9 tonnes out in the field. The CommandViewIII cab with a 7 or 10 inch touchscreen and four-pillar cab springing provides the farmer with a comfortable workstation. And with this tractor which displays its character at first glance, John Deere certainly provides an answer to the pressing questions of the present day, because large-scale agriculture is calling for increasingly powerful and more efficient problem solvers – and these include the John Deere 9620RX. More than 100 crawler tractors from this range are already in use in Europe. WIKING has now miniaturised down to 1:32 scale the mighty agricultural machine with its four drives. Obviously, all of these are functional. The traditional model makers have miniaturised the innovative tractor range to 1:32 scale in fine detail. The numerous functions of the mighty agricultural machine are a surprise which emphasises the usefulness of the prototype.

Benefits of caterpillar drives change daily life on the farm:The four caterpillar drives obviously create completely different driving characteristics for the mighty tractor. Even in hilly and wet conditions, through its track accuracy the 9620RX is a winner when turning under load. Because of its drive and the steering joints, it has a reduced tendency to create ridges compared with its tyred equivalent. As an inspection of the model shows, the 9620RX has an extremely narrow track width when in use, and is therefore ideal for transport journeys on public roads. Noteworthy: because of its increased contact area, the tractor has a very low tendency to compact the soil. John Deere is supplied by Camso who, as the sole manufacturer of caterpillar drive systems, provides the components for the manufacture of the whole 9RX series. This applies equally to the caterpillar tracks, rubberised drive wheels, and track rollers.

The caterpillar tracks contain more rubber and woven-in steel threads, in order to increase the working life of the caterpillar track and of the guide studs in heavy-duty applications on a slope, as well as for frequent journeys on public roads. The two track rollers keep the caterpillar tracks in contact with the ground over the whole chassis length. They are positioned close together in order to prevent vibrations during transport and under certain conditions in the field. The design also damps impacts if the driver travels over obstructions.

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