When submitting an international order online, you will find that your shipping cost reads "$0.01". This value simply serves as a placeholder until accurate shipping quotes and options can be calculated for you by our Team. International shipping quotes and options are calculated based on the size, weight, and quantity of items ordered, as well as to where your order is going to be shipped. 

After placing an online order with an international shipping address, one of the members of our Sales Team will contact you as soon as possible to make you aware of your shipping options after they have been calculated. Please note: Your order will NOT be billed for and shipped until you select and approve your preferred shipping method. 

Accepted payments for international orders include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, or Money Order. We do not accept American Express. Payments must be made in US Dollars ($) - no other currencies will be accepted. All quotes are communicated in US dollars. You are responsible for knowing what you will be charged based on the conversion rate relative to your currency. Because we do not bill you for your order until it ships, conversion rates are locked in at the time your order is shipped, not when the order is placed.

Outback Toys is not responsible for any tariffs or duties owed on packages received by our Customers. Outback Toys cannot predict, prevent or in any way be held responsible for service disruptions. Outback Toys will not lower any item values on customs forms.


Bruder Toys: As an authorized Bruder Toys America retailer, Outback Toys cannot ship Bruder products outside the United States. Thank you for understanding.

Non-Warrantied Items: The following types of products are not insured (and carry no warranty) when shipped outside of the United States, regardless of the shipping carrier: items made of resin, 1/8 scale items, pedal tractors/cars/trailers, display cases, neon lights and RC vehicles.

  • Outback Toys commits to packing and protecting these types of items to the very best of our ability. However, due to the greater fragility of these types of items, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breakage/damage upon arrival.
  • Should any damage occur during shipping, you as the purchaser assume any/all responsibility; insurance will not cover any damage sustained during shipping. As such, please understand that any breakage, etc. is your responsibility and risk.
  • Please understand, we are not trying to discourage you from ordering these types of items for international delivery! We are more than happy to serve you as best we can, sell you the items that you are interested in, and do our best to get them to you safely by packing them with quality and care. However, we also want to be up front about communicating increased risk in shipping fragile items internationally. We successfully ship these types of items all the time, but the risk for damage is higher than that of other types of items.



We utilize UPS and US Mail when shipping to Canada. UPS is a “preferred” method due to overall transit time and value. If you choose to have your order shipped via UPS, your applicable HST/PST will be added to your invoice, and there will be no additional fees once your package is shipped from our facility. With UPS Canada, there are no brokerage fees. All your shipping charges will be quoted and billed upfront, and your package will be delivered right to your door!